Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Food for today-Matthew 6:9-15

Hello everyone,
How much do we take for granted the daily food that it takes to sustain and nourish us?  Jesus teaches us and tells us that we should use Matthew 6:9-15 as our model to know how to pray!   In particular verse 11, He talks about provisions of food.  We should ask Him to provide our daily bread.  When we do that, we are acknowledging that God is our sustainer and provider.  It is a misconception to think that we provide for our needs ourselves.  We must trust God daily to provide what He knows we need.  In addition to our physical needs, He also is the One who provides for our Spiritual needs.  It is amazing that when we get fed Spiritually on the Word, you will find that physically it takes less to be filled!  As you start your day today, please get your initial instructions from the One who provides!  Ask the Father to reveal to you what He wants you to accomplish and again you will be amazed at how your life will change for the better.  Go out and seize the day in Jesus' name!  
Your brother in Christ,

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