Monday, October 8, 2012

Choices! There are a lot of them but One is most important! Proverbs 19:23

Good morning everyone,
The choices we make everyday are numerous to say the least.  We don't usually even think of the impact that they play on who we are unless we have a regular exchange with the Lord Almighty.  The next section of this devotional is taken from a daily devotional I get from 'Family Life Today.' 
Fearing God means we reverence Him. We set Him apart and live our lives under His watchful eyes. To be sure, He is the God of love, but He is also the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come! He is a righteous Judge who should be feared. You and I are accountable to Him for the life we live and choices we make.
Do you fear men more than God? Are you preoccupied with what people think about you? Are you living your life for the grandstands of heaven or Earth? Only the fear of God is able to deliver you from the fear of man.
It was A. W. Tozer who said, "What you think about God is the most important thing you think." Knowing God--really knowing Him and who He is--calibrates all of life. He is the ultimate measurement because He is in control. When we see God as Creator, Maker, Redeemer, Judge, Consuming Fire, Sovereign King and the One who knows all things, we begin to practice His presence in our lives.
He is God. He is holy. And as fervently as He is to be loved, He should also be fiercely feared. He is worthy of it. And we are in need of fearing Him.
God wants to know you intimately and the closer you get to Him, the more you will find out that He is 100% trustworthy!  Your thoughts about Him determine what choices you will make.  Calibrating life means that you let Him fine tune you to His liking so that you operate in a manner that is pleasing to Him!  When we make wrong choices, and if we have Him as our calibrator, He is always ready to adjust us so that we are back in line with His way of thinking!  All of us are subject to the decisions we make daily and choosing Christ is the most important!  Proverbs 19:23 tells us that the fear of the Lord leads to life, so that one may sleep satisfied, untouched by evil.  Don't fear what is temporal; fear what is eternal!
Your brother in Christ,

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