Thursday, June 2, 2011

God is so Good! Luke 6:45 (a)

Good morning everyone,
I want to start this devotional this morning by saying that my heart goes out to all of you!  God is continuing to show me His great mercy in this thing we call life.  I would suggest, if you haven't already, ask God to show you insight into what plans He has for you in the days ahead.  Luke 6:45 tells us, 'The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good.'  If we are filled with goodness, we will give out goodness!  The second part of the verse talks about the results of evil.  Evil produces evil!  It is a constant battle that we face throughout life especially if we don't make our relationship with Christ a priority!!  It is not a mystery to find ourselves in a mess of trouble if we place the amount of time that we spend with our Savior toward the bottom of our daily activity.  Don't use the Savior as a safety net to catch you when you are falling from a burning building.  Instead, carry the tools that He provides with you to put the fire out before you need the net for a last ditch effort.  God is so good that He wants your heart to be filled with His goodness to the point of 'overflowing!'  Think about His face when you do something that is pleasing to Him.  He created you to carry out His will!  May you see His beauty in your life regardless of what life brings your way.  Please pray for my cousin Steve and his family.  Both of his parents are elderly and not doing well with their health.  Pray that His light will shine even in these tough times for the Allen family!
Your brother in Christ,


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