Monday, March 19, 2012

Are you listening? John 10:27

Good morning everyone,
Have you ever awoken from your sleep in a daze with someone knocking on your door rather loudly?  Startled and confused I stumbled to open it to find two police officers looking for the parents of a child wandering the hall ways of the hotel where I am staying.  I was instantly brought to prayer to ask God to help them find the missing parent or parents to reunite them together.  It also brings up the point this morning; is God knocking on the door of your heart and are you listening?  Are you just allowing Him to knock or are you answering the knock?  Life is full of what I call attention getter's!  Many times He attempts to get our attention but we refuse to respond to Him.  We ignore the rapping on our heart strings because we are so busy doing our own thing.  When we listen to what He has to say, He more than likely gives us a whole new agenda!  See, when we take our eyes off of our own issues and we place them on Him, He gives us a whole new set of things to be concerned about.  In John 10:27, Jesus tells us that, "My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow me."  Another time I was staying in a hotel and I arrived in the evening to find a hearse at the front door.  If that has ever happen to you, instantly a cold chill will ensue.  In my case, I was brought to prayer, praying for those members of the family that were left behind.  What brings you to prayer?  Does it have to be something drastic before you have face time with the Father?  See, the attention getter's are to remind us that He wants to have more time with us than just emergency situations!  Folks, we don't know how much time we have left on this earth so we have to treat everyday like it is the day that we will meet Jesus face to face.  He is knocking!  Open up your heart and let Him in so that He can do heart surgery and then you will start to see radical change!  You may think you are too far gone for Him to listen to you.  I beg to differ!  Change is hard because it involves doing things differently than what you've become accustomed to doing.  1 Samuel 10:6 tells us that when the Spirit of the Lord comes powerfully upon you, you will be changed into a different person.  The older we are, the harder change is to accept unless we say today I am going to listen to His voice! Not tomorrow; TODAY is the day for you to be radically changed!
Your brother in Christ,

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