Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Consider what to do when you've tried your way! Psalm 119:2-4

Good morning everyone,
God allows some plenty and some He allows not as much!  He knows what we are capable of and He knows how much we can handle.  Does it ever bother you when you are limited with your efforts?  You know what needs to happen, but you are not in a position to carry out those needs.  You feel as though your hands are tied.  Frustration after frustration ends in you either banging your head against the wall and you get a head ache or you turn it over to the One who can take care of your problems.  Usually when this chain of events has taken place, I've tried to consider my ways without even asking Him what He thinks.  Anytime that happens, the results will be anything but His desired results.  My problem is not giving Him the situation fully.  See, I want to take part of the situation and fix it according to Paul's solution and not God's solution.  Psalm 119:2-4 says, 'Blessed are those who keep His statutes and seek Him with all their heart--they do no wrong but follow His ways.  You have laid down precepts that are to be fully obeyed.'    This past weekend, Deborah and I had to move furniture.  She had great suggestions that I basically blew off because I made her a glorified onlooker, listened to her suggestions a little, and still did it the way I thought best.  To say the least, I lost my helper.  Sounds very similar to my consultation with the Father.  Deborah said that making plans in an organized fashion would solve the problem and my plan was to just get it done.  Made her nervous and upset as well as making my Father upset.  I learned a lot!  I either consider her ways and try them or I shouldn't ask her for help.  My track record is not good in letting others help me to get things done.  Next time I have the opportunity, I want to be a better example of allowing His opinion to rule.  It also means that I need to let a helper help me and not just feel unimportant!
Your brother in Christ,

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