Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reason for needing to be clean! Matthew 8:1-13

Good morning everyone,
From unclean to clean; from unsaved to saved; from discouraged to encouraged.  Brother Kenny Culpepper preached this past weekend at the church I called home for the first 18 years of my life.  He spoke on the 4 R's of needing to be clean!  First, we need to recognize that we need to be clean; secondly, we need to request to be clean; thirdly, we need to receive our new set of clothes; finally, we need to go out and report it to those that we meet.  Matthew 8:1-13 is a great text for all of us to read to remind us of those steps.  Our testimony is vital so that others can see there is hope for them also!  Many people get close to realizing that they are in need of something much bigger than their past but are too stubborn to letting the above process work!  Have you ever thought about 'those days that almost never happened?'  Over the course of time, there have been many events that almost never happened.  One of the most famous is when Neil Armstrong (first man on the moon) was testing out a lunar landing craft just months before his famous moon walk.  He narrowly escaped death by ejecting out prior to it crashing and bursting into flames.  One of the people injured in the shooting massacre in Aurora, for all intensive purposes, should have died from a gun shot wound.  But because of a brain defect, a small canal diverted the bullet that had entered her brain.  God has huge plans for your life and regardless of the events that take place around you, He is ready to take you through a process so that you too can be clean!  Don't delay, because your day of reckoning may be sooner than you expect.  For the two above individuals, they have an opportunity to speak of His amazing grace!  Until God takes you home, you have that same opportunity!
Your brother in Christ,

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