Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What's next! Matthew 25:21

Good morning everyone,
Have you ever wondered what's next in your life?  It could be that you are completely stoked about life and your are excited about the next opportunity that God has chosen for you or it could be you are completely done with all the frustrations that seem to come your way.  Did you know that God can use you either way and have His light shine through you?  In fact, the more hopeless the situation, the know He can use your situation to make a Blessing come from your mess!  I know a lot of you feel as though you are the last person on this earth that God could use to reach the unreachable!  See, I believe that God is truly the God He says He is.  He can move mountains if you will simply have the faith of a mustard seed!  Have you lost your faith?  Just remember the more hopeless your situation, the more possible a gigantic miracle can take place.  My brother Scott is a perfect example of what God can do with a tough situation.  He just recently had a brain tumor removed and has been given by his doctors a shortened amount of time to live.  Wait a minute; they don't realize the God he serves!  God is continuing to use Scott in a mighty way and through his situation, God is demonstrating character like I've never seen!  His physical death is pending but His eternal life in Jesus Christ has already started.  There is a small town here in the state of New York that I'm working next to and its name is Endwell!  It is ironic because that is what Scott is living out!  He is ending well!  Scott is living out Matthew 25:21 and I can already hear the Master saying well done good and faithful servant.  May each of you draw ever closer to our Savior to find out just what He intends to do with you next!  
Your brother in Christ,

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