Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crying out to Jesus! Isaiah 44:2-4

Good morning everyone,
Have you ever felt as though you are present in body but not sure how to do things naturally because they become labored?  Your physical ability doesn't keep you from doing them but you feel as though you are wandering in the desert, searching for water because you've become parched!  You've lost your ability to do simple things and you find yourself making a lot of mental mistakes.  This morning, I find it very difficult to give you anything of value.  Normally I encourage you to spend time with Jesus and a lot of your questions will be answered.  I still encourage that and that works great unless you don't give Him adequate time to work through you.  It is like asking a question of someone and then not listening to the answer.  What is the purpose?  God allows you to be in that parched land so that you will cry out to Him!  Listening to His voice is the key that I've ignored lately.  I've asked Him lots of questions, but then I've proceeded to do it my way!  As you cry out to Him, ask Him to allow you to be still!  Once He has given you the entire picture, proceed with caution!  He wants all of you (me) so that He can work in you and through you so that the results are His!  Isaiah 44:2-4 assures us by saying that the Lord made us and we should not be scared.  That He will pour water on our thirsty souls and the Holy Spirit will bless our descendants.  Reflect on these verses and know that God will never leave your side even when you feel as though you are wearily walking in a parched land! 
Your brother in Christ,

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