Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lord, I'm amazed! Luke 5:26

Good morning everyone,
Are you amazed?  Amazed that He loves you @ any and all given points of your life!  To be real honest, I'm surprised by the way I treat Him, that He gives me a second look.  But because of His amazing grace, He is there when I don't even notice Him.  The minute I get in trouble and I call out to Him, He quickly reminds me that He is still there and He never left me.  Luke 5:26 tells us that everyone was amazed and they gave praise to God.  They were filled with awe and said, 'We have seen remarkable things today.'  Have you seen anything remarkable lately or have you been too busy being busy?  Lincoln Brewster sings the song I'm amazed how You love me.  In one of the lines, he sings how deep, how wide, how great is Your love for me?  We should stand in awe (fall on our knees) and praise Him because of that vastness that He displays for all of us.  Vastness can be defined as enormous or immense.  Even though He created more stars and planets than we can literally count, it is mind boggling to know that He cares more about His relationship with you.  Our God is the greatest 'project maker' ever and His top concern is for your soul!  That tells me I should take time with Him and give Him more than a look in His general direction.  His display of the universe is His gift to you so that you will not quickly forget who He is!  When we don't keep things in prospective and we get too big for our britches, we should quickly check out His creation.  By the way, you are part of that creation and the Holy Spirit is ready to take you on an amusement ride all through that creation that will blow your socks off!  Hold on and let the ride begin and soak in all that He has in store for you and be amazed!
Your brother in Christ,

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