Wednesday, November 3, 2010

God uses us in spite of our limitations and failures! 1Peter 2:9-10

Good morning everyone,
Do you ever feel like you get so busy doing stuff, that you miss out on where God is in the middle of what you are doing?  Do you feel as though you have limitations that keep you for doing more?  Are you in a washing machine and you find yourself in the spin cycle and you can't get out?  All of these are traps that satan puts out and it seems as though I struggle with these from time to time.  A good friend of mine reminded me recently that I need to not beat myself up when I can't get the blog out.  It seems I'll go for several days and everything seems to click.  Then I'll add several more things to my to-do list and then I become overwhelmed.  Even though I know there is a limit to what I can do physically, I still try and stick in more.  That is a formula for disaster!  Instead of completing a hugh bucket list everyday, I need to be reminded that maybe God is trying to say, 'Instead of being so busy being busy, take time to let Me show you what are the more important things and rest assured that I will assist you in getting those done even though you have limitations'.  He can use us even through our limitations and failures and it will make the whole world wonder how the mountain moved.  Instead of being frustrated with what I don't get accomplished, I need to praise Him for what I do accomplish.  Instead of focusing on the limitations, ask Him to shine through each of our situations so that the world will know that we are different.  I shouldn't base my self-worth on what I accomplish.  Instead I should focus on the fact that He wants to be involved in everything that I do so He can show the whole world who He is!!!
Your brother in Christ,

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