Tuesday, November 23, 2010

You are Loved beyond measure!!! Matthew 11:28

Good morning everyone,
I would like to start out this morning by saying thank you to all of you for making  me feel special!!!  I had the distinct privilege to meet 3 new people yesterday that I feel instantly became my friends.  I was standing outside my hotel talking with a co-worker admiring the rain when we both noticed a truck and trailer pull into the lot.  It was the show car for Interstate Battery for Nascar.  It stopped underneath the canopy and out popped Travis Sturt (the driver) so he could check in!  We exchanged introductions and in so doing, I noticed something very different with Travis.  He had a smile that stood out and it drew you to him.  Do any of you know someone like that?  He not only was the driver, but also a spokesman wherever he takes the car promoting Nascar!  More importantly, this Nascar team promotes, 'I am second'!  It is a movement meant to inspire people of all kinds to live for God and for others.  Athletes.  Actors.  Musicians. Business leaders. Drug addicts.  The authentic stories of people dealing with struggles of everyday living just like you and me.  Check it out and share it with others!  Pryor to that a couple (Bob and Judy) had pulled up to check in and I helped them with their luggage into the lobby.  Instantly when I told them my name, I was a hit because I have the same name as their son!  Later on, I saw the three talking in the lobby and I joined their conversation.  In so doing I realized that a church service was happening right in our presence.  "Where two and more are gathered in My name (Matt. 18:20), I am there among them."  The Love of Christ engulfed that lobby and I noticed some amazing things happen.  When the Holy Spirit is present, he restores tired souls!  All three of them had been traveling all day and I had just come in from a long day at the hospital.  It was as if God gave us a full nights rest without ever going to sleep!  Wow!  Go out today and Bless someones socks off by Loving them like Christ would!  You will be blown away with what may happen!
Your brother in Christ,

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