Sunday, August 7, 2011

Struggles are temporary setbacks! Jeremiah 1:19

Good morning everyone,
This life is full of them!  If you live long enough, they are lurking when you least expect them!  No matter how good you think you've got it, there will be a time when struggles, trials and tribulations come your way!  The question is, will you be ready for them?  If we view struggles, trials and tribulations as only temporary, then we realize that the reward will be great.  Jeremiah 1:19 says, "They will fight against you but will not overcome you, for I am with you," declares the Lord.  Ladies and gentlemen, the enemy will fight you but your defense is Jesus Christ and He has guaranteed the victory!  Amen and hallelujah!  As I left church this morning, I came home with a heavy heart because several of my friends are going through those periods of not knowing!  We cried out to Jesus to use those situations for His good!  When things appear to be uncertain, remember that prayer is the answer!  When victory comes, prayer is the answer!  No matter the situation, thank Him and ask Him to use you to be a reflection of who He is!  Consult Him about everything and before you know it, He will be the answer that you seek 24/7!
Your brother in Christ,

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