Monday, October 17, 2011

Temporary Shelters! Leviticus 23:43

Good morning everyone,
I know that many of you experience pain and suffering in your life and it is hard to see any way out of those circumstances.  In Leviticus 23:43, God showed the Israelites that while they experienced the desert and temporary shelters for some 40 years, He ultimately would bring them to the 'promised land.'  The situation you may find yourself in may feel like you've been wandering for the last 40 years!  Just like the Israelites, God is ready to take you to the 'promised land.'  I know it seems as though the trials and tribulations that you face are just too much to handle but I'm here to share with you that God has made you a promise.  Give Him the glory in whatever you face, whether it is good or bad, and He will guarantee you that your suffering is only temporary.  The next time you have a setback, praise Him and trust Him and see what happens.  If you make it a regular routine, your attitude and your outlook on life will change dramatically.  Those things that you have control of are the things that you can choose in God's favor!  Those things that you don't have control of, let God control them for you!  Each of you are a blessing in my life because God gave me the opportunity to know each of you in passing or each of you personally!  Ladies and gentlemen, the body that you have been given is only temporary and know that no matter how long you live on this earth, your eternal body will not break down like your earthly body!  Praise God!!  Go out today and be a 'light' for the world to see Jesus Christ reflecting through you!
Your brother in Christ,

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