Friday, January 6, 2012

Don't let your fears lead you to believe you are a failure! Psalm 34:4

Good morning everyone,
Many times, when we as individuals fail, we become fearful.  Then it becomes a downward spiral of fears and failures pushing us into a dark closet.  Please don't allow that to happen brothers and sisters.  Don't go into the closet, because the closet is dark and it will make you feel trapped.  Whatever condition that makes you feel like a failure needs to be hit head-on with the tools that God gave you.  Open up to Him and be honest about your feelings.  Remember that every feeling you have has been allowed by the Savior and He is the One that can also get rid of it and replace it with His mercy!  Those folks that you fear will like you less if they know your feelings probably aren't your real friends anyway.  A friend is someone who can listen to your thoughts and possibly not say a word and still love you.  When they do say something, it should help pull you back to the 'Truth' that has been obtained through much prayer and Scripture.  Any and all situations should be turned over to God first and He is the One that can change hearts and thus help change actions.  See we have many flaws and those flaws are having a sinful nature.  The Savior is a savior because we need rescuing from that sinful nature through His 'saving grace!'  Repentance leads to forgiveness and forgiveness leads to growth.  Life is about learning from our experiences and allowing God to mold us into the person He created us to be. 
Everyone needs compassion; everyone needs to ask for repentance; everyone who does receives forgiveness from the Savior!  Those that don't forgive, He tells us that He will not forgive them! If you seek Him first, Psalm 34:4 tells us that He will deliver you from your fears just like He did for David.
Your brother in Christ,

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