Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The words on the pages! Matthew 7:7

Good evening everyone,
I don't know where this devotional will end up but I pray that it makes you think about the words that you have available at your finger tips!  Not that you will just think about them, but that you will read them at every chance you get so that you can recall them when you need them.  Trouble is coming!  Will you be ready to sing praises with the promises of His Words?  The Red Letters that are in a lot of new testament Scripture represent the words of Jesus!  If you want to be encouraged, read the Red Letters!  If you want truth, read the Red Letters!  If you want to be able to overcome any and all obstacles, read the Red Letters!  Hope for the hopeless; peace and forgiveness; life is in the Red Letters.  The Red Letters represent love!  dc Talk, a Christian rock band, sings a song entitled Red Letters and it encourages you to read the Red Letters so that you can get to know Jesus first hand.  All of us are a bunch of misfits when it comes down to it and to be a Christian does make you stand out in a crowd. Unless we have a track to run on, there is very little hope that we can give to the people that we see on a daily basis!  The Red Letters are part of the track to introducing someone to Christ!  People that are hurting are possibly doubting their reason for simply living.  Several people I know are questioning why they are experiencing all kinds of drama in their life.  Prayer leads to changed hearts.  The Red Letters direct you toward the Savior and give you stamina when you can't seem to put one foot in front of the other!  The more you become familiar with your entire Bible, the more you will be ready for the situations that come up!  Read it; store it; recall it!!!  Matthew 7:7 is great encouragement and tells us that if we ask and seek, we will find.  And if we knock, Jesus will open the door!
Your brother in Christ,

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