Monday, March 7, 2011

Consult Him in everything you do! Joshua 9:1-10:15

Good morning everyone,
How many times do you make a decision before first consulting God for His advice?  It may be something very simple to have to decide but He knows the future when we might be disillusioned!  Everything may seem as though we are making the best decision for whatever we are faced with but maybe God would like you to see the bigger picture.  In Joshua 9:1-10:15, the Israelites were approached by the Gibeonites for a peace treaty.  The Gibeonites resorted to deception because they were afraid for their lives.  They tricked the Israelites into signing a treaty without the leaders of Israel first consulting with the Lord.  If we try and go ahead of God's plan, we will stumble every time and the road will be much rougher.  Why do we try and get out of messes that we create?  When we do things over and over again the same way and expect different results, we are going to be frustrated every time.  Perspective is something that God will freely give to us if we chose to include Him in everything we do!  The Holy Spirit is your guide to helping you make good choices.  When we are faced with tough choices, your mind races and things become muddled.  The Holy Spirit can bring back clarity when everything seems to be cloudy at best.  Trust Him with little things and before you know it, your attitude will swing more toward gratitude! 
Your brother in Christ,

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