Wednesday, March 9, 2011

God is oh so Good! Matthew 5:16

Good morning everyone,
If you really think about it God and Good go hand in hand!  Anything else that isn't of God is not good!  We make it so difficult because we put wedges between God and our relationship with Him.  In other words, we chose many things over spending time with Him. Once you know Him personally, He wants that relationship to blossom into the most beautiful flower upon which you have ever fixed your eyes!  It is a continuous struggle because satan is in the business of deceiving you into believing that he has the better plan.  It doesn't matter how well he wraps the package up, it still will fade and it is only of the flesh; whereas the flower that God presents never dulls and it is eternal.  When we think of light that is so intense that we have to shield our eyes, God is the radiance of Good manifested!  I pray that the glow of Jesus Christ radiate upon you as you leave your house to begin your day so that all will see that God is oh so Good!
Your brother in Christ,

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