Monday, March 28, 2011

Seeing a thorn as being a Blessing! 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Hello everyone,
Do you ever wonder at all why many of the characters in the Bible seem to have flaws even though God used those flaws many times to show that He could still use those individuals to succeed?  Paul oftened described his own situation as having a thorn in his side.  He thanked God for his thorn so that it would be a constant reminder to him so that he would remain faithful.  All of us have weaknesses but those weaknesses can be perfected into strengths if we will allow God to use us!  Trials and tribulations are going to happen in our lives while we live on this earth, but remember they are only temporary compared to what is to come.  Paul realized that any hardship he faced now was nothing compared to spending eternity with the Father!  The thorn in our side may be just what we need in order to carry out His plan!  Instead of asking God to take away your thorn, maybe you should ask Him to let that thorn be the connection for you to carry out His work!  God allows thorns in our lives to show that His grace is sufficient.  The things in our life that drive us to prayer are good things.  If we will humbly pray, then those things that make us weak will become the things that make us strong.  Remember, the Christian life is going to cause you to rely on the One who has the answers.  The enemy of our souls wants to tell us that it is not worth 'fighting the good fight!'  As you go about each day, ask the Father to slay your biggest enemy (selfishness) so that you can be used according to His will!
Your brother in Christ,

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