Monday, May 23, 2011

Disaster after disaster! Ezekiel 7:5

Good morning everyone,
I come to you today with a heavy heart and I feel like crying for all the folks that seem to have been effected by the recent onslaught of storms that have taken place.  Ezekiel 7:5 says, 'Thus says the Lord God. Disaster after disaster!  Behold it comes.  Disasters seem terrible for those that go through them but for the rest of us, we disconnect our feelings and emotions to a certain degree until they hit right in the middle of our own world.  Yesterday evening, a tornado hit very close to where 2 of my children live and their lives were spared.  89 other individuals (and the toll will likely be higher) were not as fortunate.  Businesses, homes, entire neighborhoods were completely destroyed.  The landscape of Joplin, Missouri looks like a war zone.  Pray for those folks that they will find peace and comfort in the Lord Jesus Christ.  My daughter Ariel is standing in line as I write this to you waiting to help with the clean up process.  Disasters are going to come!  Will you be ready when disaster hits your life?  Our only hope is in Jesus Christ.  We all could be gone in a flash!  No second chances!  Once dead, always dead!  While you have breath to breathe and blood pumping through those veins, pray that God will be the center of your universe.  Those 89 people were here one minute and gone the next!  They had no time to get ready.  Pray that the family members of the deceased will draw close to the Lord and commit their days to Him.
Your brother in Christ,

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