Thursday, May 19, 2011

He began a good work.......let Him finish it! Luke 14:30

Good morning everyone,
As I come to you this morning with what God has laid on my heart, I can't help but think about the incredible picture that God is painting for your life and mine.  Even before He created you, He knew that you were important enough (even in the big picture) to take the brush and complete each stroke even though He knows what it is going to look like when it is complete!  Does that not blow you away?  I know it does me.  A good building project takes a 'good foundation' or it will not stand for the long haul.  Luke 14:30 says, 'The natural man can build, but he will never be able to finish any Spiritual thing that he starts.'  It can't be finished because it is not being completed according to God's plans!  God created you so that you would realize this painting, this building project cannot be completed unless you allow Him to direct every stroke or allow Him to establish the foundation that will withstand the test of time!  All of our days are numbered and none of us know exactly how many we are going to get.  He does though and each one of them is important to Him regardless of what you think!  Instead of looking at today as another day of just getting through it, ask Him to reveal to you something that you haven't noticed lately.  Ask the Father to consume you with a new passion and wisdom to take the remaining days you have left and glorify Him.  You will be eternally thankful!!
Your brother in Christ,

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