Monday, May 9, 2011

Your heart should be treated as the treasure of the Kingdom! 1 Timothy 6:20

Hello everyone,
I was able to speak at the mens prayer breakfast on Saturday and I spoke about a very important topic especially in God's eyes; your heart!!  1 Timothy 6:20 says, 'O Timothy guard the deposit entrusted to you.  Avoid the irreverent babble and contradictions of what is falsely called 'knowledge' for by professing it some have swerved from the faith.'  Three words really stand out to me in that Scripture.  Guard is the first one because satan is out to seek and destroy and if we don't protect our heart by filling it to the brim with the knowledge of God, we will not be able to withstand his attacks!  Secondly, deposits are those things that you are filling up your heart with and if you are filling it with bad things then you have nothing to sink your teeth into to fight back!  And thirdly, swerving simply means not staying on course.  Verify everything that you hear by checking it with the Word of God!  If it doesn't match up, it is not good Spiritual food.  Your heart should be like a reservoir and not like a desert canal!  Think about this analogy:  Rains fall and fill a canal to the brim and even overflow its banks but as quickly as the rain stops, the canal quickly becomes empty because of the run off into its tributaries.  There is no way of storing the water for later use.  On the other hand, a reservoir is a dam of sorts that holds a large source of water to utilize as needed when the rains are far and in between.  The reservoir can continue to feed the canals even when the rains stop.  Your life source, your heart, is the reservoir of your soul.  The veins and arteries are the canals that feed your body.  They transport the rains (your blood) through your body so that we sustain life!  If your heart is not overflowing (not working) with love, joy, peace, patience (fruits of the Spirit), then the life source (your heart) will stop functioning like it was intended.  Think of your heart as a reservoir to hold the things of Christ and He wants the excess (runoff) to be a reflection to others so that they can see who Christ is in the way we live!
Your brother in Christ,

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