Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Do you thrive or do you just survive? Proverbs 11:28

Good evening everyone,
Many of us just do the basic stuff that we need to do to get by and I think I do that a lot also!  We don't want to step on toes because we think we need to let people believe what they want, give them space, and let them determine their own destination!  Is that what Christ did?  I don't think so!  He let people believe what they wanted but He never shied away from the Truth!  He didn't shy away from letting people know when they were totally off course!  A song I have on a new cd by Swithfoot has a great line in the words and it goes like this;  Am I here to just survive or do I want to thrive?  Folks, in order to thrive, you've got to be willing to step outside of the box and take a chance occasionally!  It may not always be the right decision, but it may give you the opportunity to see things from a totally new prospective.  I work in sales and occasionally I'll talk to my co-workers when I get the opportunity to share the keys to my previous successes.  First of all, if I'm successful, it is only because He allowed me to have success.  So number 1, the credit goes to the Father.  Secondly if you don't want to make adjustments in the way you do things, don't expect any different results (myself included)!  If you look over the course of history, all of the people that are considered successful, all failed many times before they had success.  Let me suggest that you consider the fact that God has so much more in store for your life than what you may have experienced up to this point.  Never, never stop giving Him credit and before you know it, success will be measured in a whole new way when you look at your life!  God talks throughout the Bible about thriving and in Proverbs 11:28 we are reminded that those who trust in their riches will fall, but the righteous will thrive like a green leaf.  Will you thrive or will you just survive?  Pray that God will help you trust Him with your whole heart so that no matter what situation you are faced with, He will give you a new prospective to see it in a different light!
Your brother in Christ,

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