Thursday, February 2, 2012

Comfort is in Him! Isaiah 40 & 41

Good morning everyone,
When you think of the word comfort, your first thought might be sitting in your recliner at home watching a movie or a sporting event.  The kind of comfort that Isaiah is referring to in both Isaiah 40 & 41 is far from that sort of comfort.  When you get a chance, take a few minutes and read those chapters and see if God doesn't give you a different prospective on what comfort should be.  The only real comfort comes from knowing the Lord and being able to rest in His arms.  When everything around us falls apart and the train comes off the track, His word still stands!  Now folks, that is comfort!  Even when you find it relaxing in your easy chair, just like the scripture says, that will fade.  His word will stand forever!  Now forever is a long time.  When we equate comfort to the things we feel and it isn't grounded in eternity, don't let it make you feel too comfortable.  We have work to do and we have a short time to complete it.  See God has placed everything in its spot around the entire universe when we are talking about creation.  Regardless of the number of stars that there are, billions or more just in our universe, He knows them all by name!  If He knows the stars by name and He still took the time to create you and He gave you intelligence to marvel at His works, don't you think we should give Him back the time we are here to allow Him to work His wonders through us?  We get all caught up in the things that don't really matter.  We should be more about the business of who our Lord and Savior is and what He wants us to do!  Seek His face today and pray that He moves you to new heights glorifying Him in everything you do!
Your brother in Christ,

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