Thursday, April 7, 2011

What in the world is happening with all the Chaos? Isaiah 34:11

Good morning everyone,
Chaos seems to be happening all around us and it seems as though one tragedy is happening after another!  Do you become numb about it or do you take time to pray for the folks involved?  Our world and the exact location that it sits in is mind boggling to understand how we exist!  Just a few degrees tilted differently or a few miles closer to the sun, we would either freeze to death or burn up.  When someone says that they believe that we are just a 'big bang' in the making, I wonder if they ever take time to realize how silly that sounds!  Everything and I mean everything is as precise as He sees fit in order to allow there to be life at all!  For someone to think that it just happens without the Creator being involved, it makes me wonder why they would choose to think that way!  Our world is ever shifting, adjusting and changing and sometimes we get caught in the middle of that and the result is loss of life!  How important is it to be connected to the Source that allowed you to have the last breath that you breathed?  We are all living on borrowed time and if you believe what the Holy Bible says, you better get ready to meet Him face to face!  Maybe just maybe, chaos is allowed so that He can get our attention!   Is He getting yours?  We live so independent of Him until we need something or until there is chaos and then we wonder how and why things happen?  Sometimes we spend too much time trying to figure out things we will never figure out.  Trust Him to show you what is important so you will know how to spend your time!
Your brother in Christ,

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