Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Being connected with others is vital in showing God's Love!!!!

Good morning everyone,
I'll have to try this again because the first time everything got wiped out.  That's okay though because maybe more of you are up and going now and ready for an encouragement!  I was lying in bed earlier wondering how many of you were already up and involved in your busyness?  If the Lord puts someone on your heart to either call, email or go see; don't put it off!  Last night I received an email from my brother Michael and he never fails to amaze me in that the Lord lays on his heart when to contact me when I most need it.  He is faithful in encourageing me and praying for me!  Do you have someone in your life that does that for you or do you do that for others?  Before you answer that, you do because I pray for you often!  It has become apparent to me that connection with my brothers and sisters is what keeps my eyes off of myself.  When you reach out to someone, you may be what they needed without even knowing it.  Many times I have been reminded that praying for someone may be the difference whether or not that person gives up or not!  It isn't anything that I possess but it is because God used me to be the vessel of compassion that was the difference. Giving God the Glory in every situation changes our attitude and connects us closer to our Creator!  Sometimes we have to remind our brothers and sisters that they are walking on thin ice; not in what we say but in how we live to remind them that our strength comes from our Father!  Proverbs 27:17 says, 'As iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend'.  Gossiping is dangerous and it will bury any good that previously was created so be careful.  When you hear someone gossip, it is best if you chose not to participate.  If I do something that threatens anothers faith, I need to be corrected.  I tell you these things because I too struggle with these areas.  I was recently reminded of how hypocritical I was in how I was acting!  A sinner in need of a Savior!  Michael reminded me of him loving me but more importantly God loves me!  People will disappoint you more than you can imagine but forgiveness is showing others that you are choosing to go beyond what humanly is possible.  Something so much more than our own selfishness!  Chose this day whom you will serve!
Your brother in Christ,

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