Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Brightness of His Glory is beyond our comprehension!!! Isaiah 24:23

Hello everyone,
How bright is bright?  Think about the brightest sun you have ever encountered.  When I was a child, individuals would often dare me to look up at the sun.  Okay even though I would do that (which would usually lead to temporary blindness), I would have to look away because the intensity was too much!  I would see stars for quite a while.  Well, in Isaiah 24:23, we are told that the Lord Almighty will mount His throne on Mount Zion.  He will rule gloriously in Jerusalem, in the sight of all the leaders of His people.  There will be such Glory that the brightness of the sun and moon will seem to fade away.  Glory is defined as honor bestowed; splendor or majesty (magnificence); a distinguishing quality, asset or attribute; eternity; to boast or take credit for.  In reference to this scripture, I feel as though splendor, magnificense, and eternity stand out.  For those who know Him, it will be a beautiful sight to behold!!!   For those who don't, it will be an eternity of emptyness!  The beautiful thing is while you still have breath to breathe, He is waiting for you to reach out to Him and enter into His presence.  He wants to dine with you and fellowship with you regularly.  It starts by saying 'Yes' Lord and making Him your first priority.  Get your instructions when you first open your eyes and the rest of the day will start to look a whole lot differently.  God Bless you and know that you are loved!   
Your brother in Christ,

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