Monday, October 25, 2010

Don't let satan undermind your contentment-Story of Eve; Genesis 2:18-4:26

Hey everyone,
The more I have to be on the road, the more my heart grows lonesome for you, especially my lovely bride!  Satan is really sneaky about stealing your contentment wherever you are in life.  My encouragment and prayer for each of you is to not allow that to happen.  The definition of contentment is pleased; satisfied; or willing whether you are going through a trial or a victory.  I can choose to be depressed and frustrated or I can be thankful of where I am asking God to use me in the moment.  Let me encourage each one of you to relook at what is important to you and know that your attitude is the key to getting you through to the place where God can use you most effectively.  Being content with where you are and striving for excellence in Christ!  I'm telling you that because I need to be reminded myself.  I have never in my life felt as alone as I have over the last few weeks and God has made me look past my current loneliness seeing that when I'm given the opportunity, I need to cherish my quality time with you with much greater care.  Cell phones don't work very well when you are in the middle of 'bug tussel'!  Something as simple as saying hi to our friends on a daily basis is something we take for granted most of the time, until we can't do it!  Maybe it is good in one sense though because God reveals to you the importance of sharing love with your brothers and sisters.  My wife and I are supposed to coshare the responsibilities of facilitating a group called 'homebuilders' every other Sunday.  I have not been able to help her at all and many other burdens have fallen on her lap completely.  Pray for her as I have to be away and pray that our time together be the type of quality that it needs to be so that we can be blessed in our marriage.  To all of you; please don't let your relationships suffer by ignoring them and if seperation has to happen, make sure that you communicate the best you can until the season passes.  My wife's love language is communication and I'm learning as I'm writing to you just how much it is important and vital in our relationship.  My challenge to you this week; take a step back and analyze the relationships that are important to you and be willing to talk to those individuals and ask them for input so you can take the opportunity to work on the problem areas.  It will be time well spent!  May God richly Bless each of you as you take this into consideration.  
Your brother in Christ,

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