Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Psalm 24-Everything belongs to God

Hello everyone,
When we think of a scripture that is read many times, especially when we need strength through a tough time, you probably think of Psalm 23!  But as I opened my Bible today,
my attention was caught by Psalm 24.  The theme is 'Everything belongs to God-the glorious eternal King.  Let us worship Him and welcome His glorious reign.  I would encourage you to find a Bible and read the 10 verses of this chapter.  I'm reminded that really 'Everything' belongs to the Father.  The possessions we call ours are really His!  He has just given us the opportunity of loaning those to us while we are here.  In this scripture David asks us Who is this King of Glory?  Then he gives us the answer.  The Lord Almighty---He is the King of Glory!   As manager of our smallest to the grandest possessions, may we be thankful for God allowing us to manage His property.  Everything from the food that sustains us to the brothers and sisters that He ask us to love, may we honor Him in the way we 'Care'!  Have a Blessed day in the name of Jesus and know you are 'Loved'!
Your brother in Christ,

If you want a good project over the next month, read one Proverb and three Psalms each day and you will have read both books! 

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