Thursday, October 21, 2010

Excellence is how hard you work when no one is noticing!!!!!

Good day to everyone,
Do you know someone who works hard and doesn't cut corners?  That was my dad!  The hardest worker I ever knew and a perfectionist at cleaning cars!  He was a great example of doing the job right and he expected others to do the same.   Detail is something that isn't natural.  You have to work at it and the results will speak for the effort you give.  Detail is putting a little extra spit on the shine!  Luke was like that!  He was a well educated and trained physician, a careful and exact historian, a writer of both the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts, and he was a humble and faithful friend of Paul.  Some believe that he may of been muchly needed to help with Paul's affliction (Paul's thorn in his side).  His compassion to help folks, his Christ likeness, is a great example for all of us to follow.  The book of Luke is the most comprehensive Gospel.  And the way it is written, the vocabulary and diction show how educated Luke was!  He emphasizes prayer, miracles and angels, stresses Jesus' relationships with people, and talks of a prominent place for women!  I think it is ironic that most of the really influential people in my Christian walk have been women (my great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, and my wife).  Each of these women have and continue to inspire me to be a better man for my Father!  Think about someone who has affected your life greatly and thank God for them.  Email me back and tell me about them!  Someone in your life has been instrumental is your makeup!  I also pray for each of you that you will find someone going forward that can be a mentor to you.  Whether you have good memories of your past or not, chose this day 'whom you will serve' and know that someone out there wants and desires to grow in Christ with you.  Your past is important because you have the rest of your life to work toward excellence for the Lord!
Your brother in Christ,

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