Thursday, December 22, 2011

Are you ready to celebrate His birth? Luke 2:1-20

Good morning everyone,
Yesterday I heard a conversation on the radio and the discussion was about how most of us approach people with greeting them on the street this time of year.  Do you greet them by saying Happy holidays or do you say Merry Christmas?  The poll of the people taken showed that approximately 60%-70% greeted people by saying Merry Christmas.  Thank God!  Interesting enough, the holiday that was started to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior has become a marketing bonanza for retail around the world.  The focus has become less and less about Luke 2:1-20 and has become more about the almighty dollar!  Let me encourage you to make Jesus Christ the focal point of the remaining time through Christmas day and into the new year!  Even if you spend more on Christmas than some low income families make in a year, make sure you share the love of Christ with everyone.  Let them know that Jesus is the real reason for the season and even incorporate that Truth into your gift giving.  As you participate in opening gifts, may I suggest that you take a little extra time in having discussions about what He means to you and how He wants all of us to share His love all year long!  Maybe, before each gift is opened, have the recipient share one thing about what they are thankful.  I think that you will find Christmas having a whole new set of traditions for years to come!
Your brother in Christ,

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