Saturday, December 24, 2011

Why was He sent? Luke 4:43

Good morning everyone,
As we approach the time to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ, do we really stop and think about the magnitude of why He was sent?  Luke 4:43 tells us, But He said, 'I must proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent.'  He was born into this world some 2000 plus years ago to begin a mission to save the world.  In a little over 30 short years, He completed His physical life and people are still talking about the impact that He made while He was here.  There have been many famous people that have come and gone over the last 2000 years but none come close to the importance of our Lord and Savior.  Once He was born, He took very little time to learn everything He could so that He could begin His ministry about sharing love with everyone.  He didn't rest very often, He passed up eating when others reclined and dined, and He prayed when others couldn't stay awake.  'A Man on a Mission' is the title that could have been placed on His tombstone because He took those short years of life and made the most out of them!  He didn't waste time with trivial stuff.  He made the wisest people seem trite and He showed worth to even the simple minded!  Anybody who thought they were much; He brought low and anybody who thought they were insignificant; He showed them compassion.  I want to ask each of you a question.  What is your mission while you have time left?  Let me encourage each of you to put a sense of urgency on showing God's love like Jesus did so that 2012 can be looked back on as a year of celebration!  Merry Christmas and may the love of Christ fill each of your homes as you celebrate together!
Your brother in Christ,

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