Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Is your way all about you or does it represent 'The Way?' John 14:6

Good morning everyone,
Jesus Christ tells us in John 14:6 that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!  He goes on to tell us that no one comes to be with the Father except through Him!  If your way is any other way than the one that He describes for us, then you are totally trying the wrong way.  You will frustrate yourself until you realize that He is the One that will set you free.  The beautiful thing is that it's not too late.  You still have an opportunity as long as He allows you to still draw a breath!  Many will go to their grave never giving God the chance to show them the Way!  Many of us make it difficult when Jesus Christ has made it so very simple.  My good friend Scott Arnold is struggling for his physical life but he knows that his eternity has already been guaranteed for him.  See, once you have tasted all that Jesus has prepared for you, death becomes only a stepping stone to get to the Father!  Doesn't that give you a sense of anticipated excitement?  I know that it does for me.  So please pray for his family as they struggle with seeing Scott go through a rather rapid decline with his health!  Is God through with him yet?  I don't think so but it does put life in prospective as far as how short this life is and it also puts a sense of urgency in us, making sure that we have the same guarantee as Scott!  Don't delay!  If you haven't done so, give your life over to the One who is called 'The Way!'
Your brother in Christ,

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