Friday, June 1, 2012

Are you transparent? John 13:15

Good morning everyone,
When you think about transparency, do you think that I'm referring to people being able to see through you?  If you think that, you are partially right.  Because allowing people to see through you says more about allowing them to know your good and your bad than physically being able to see through you!  Transparency is being vulnerable and allowing people to see the real you.  Rather than having bunches of deflectors up which keep people away, it is saying that even though I've been hurt before, I trust God in allowing myself to love again and again.  God wants us to love folks and be loved on His terms.  That means that you don't pick someone to death to find all their flaws but you find the things that you love about them because of His works.  See, God didn't create junk.  The definition of transparent gives a number of different usages but I like the following: free from pretense or deceit; easily detected or seen through; and readily understood.  Our Savior is the perfect example of transparency because He was the same yesterday that He is today and the same that He will be tomorrow!  John 13:15 says, 'I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.'  He came to serve and not be served!  How many times do we look at relationships from the outside to determine if we want to know someone on the inside?  If we are honest, most of the time!  May we trust that God shows us much more so that we can get around the deflectors to really get to know His children!
Your brother in Christ,

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