Saturday, December 11, 2010

To Protect and Defend! The book of Jude

Good morning everyone,
Back at home after lengthy travels on the road!  God is good though and He continues to protect me as I go about hopefully defending Him wherever I may be!!!   One of the smallest books of the bible is Jude.  Yet it has some powerful motivation for Christians everywhere to recognize the dangers of false teaching, to protect themselves and other believers, and to win back those who had already been deceived.  Jude reminds the church of the need for constant vigilance--to keep strong in the faith and to oppose heresy.  Jude was the brother of Jesus and James.  Christians should "defend the truth of the Good News" (1:3) by rejecting all falsehood and immorality (1:4-19), remembering God's mighty acts of rescue and punishment (1:5-11, 14-16) and the warnings of the apostles (1:17-19).  We are to build up our faith through prayer (1:20), keeping close to Christ (1:21), helping others (1:22,23), and hating sin (1:23).  Then Jude concludes with a glorious benediction of praise to God (1:24,25).  As we read and study Jude, we can be reminded to stand firm in our faith and defend God's truth at all costs.  Nothing is more valuable!!!  As you go about your day, remember that I love you and my desire for you is to be Blessed in Jesus name. 
Your brother in Christ,

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