Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Disobedience results in sin 100% of the time! Judges 6

Good morning everyone,
To set up today's devotional, we need to understand that the people of Israel had just enjoyed 40 years of peace as stated in Judges 5:31.  But then comes their disobedience and the result is sin!  The people cried out to the Lord because of the mess they found themselves to be in and not because they were asking Him for forgiveness.  Does that sound similar to the greed and stubbornness that we find ourselves in today in our nation?  The Lord reminded the Israelites that He was the One that delivered them from their enemies.  Have we forgotten that?  Even if we suffer, we need to remember He is still with us and He still loves us.  They had forgotten who they were to worship and pray to.  If we worship anything (greed, stubbornness, etc.) other than 'I am,' we will also be in a very similar mess.  Judges 6:11 says that an angel of the Lord came and sat under the tree observing Gideon.  Gideon is in the wine press separating the chaff from the grain.  Even though Gideon has no idea about his future, God has big plans to use him for His kingdom.  Isaiah 46:9-10 talks about God using the ordinary to do the unordinary.  Gideon questions the Lord in using him to carry out His work!  How are you going to use me?  Do we do that?  God had chosen Gideon because He called him a valiant warrior.  See God can carry out anything He desires if we will truly give our service over to Him!  Taking the impossible and making it possible.  Maximizing who He created us to be!  God tells Gideon to 'go and deliver' Israel from the hand of the Midianites and God reassures him that they will be defeated!  All we need to know is that He is with us and His will is going to be done!  That, brothers and sisters, is all we need to know!! 
Your brother in Christ,

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