Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is devotion part of your makeup? Romans 12:10

Good morning everyone,
Romans 12:10 tells us to be devoted to one another in love.  We are to honor one another above ourselves.  Why do you think that is so important?  Well, God made us to be like Him.  To serve and not to be served!  So devotion to each other is the key to taking your eyes off your own mess and helping someone else.  When you truly help someone else, you show folks what servant hood is all about; then the reflection goes back to Him.  The times that I feel puffed up and too big for my britches are the times that I miss out on being what God created me to be.  It is so easy to fall into the trap of feeling sorry for your own dilemmas.  When we do that, there is no way that we can devote our time to His greater cause!  The word dedicated is defined as wholly committed to something or someone.  The Lord wants your devotion and dedication so that He can transform you even as you read this!  See when you are wholly committed, you are committing with your entire self or totally giving your self to God so that there is nothing lacking!  You don't get half wet when you step into a pool of water.  Whatever touches the water is fully wet.  As you commit your service to the Lord, ask Him to show you how to devote and dedicate your entire self!
Your brother in Christ,

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