Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is your foundation built on a rock or on sinking sand? Psalm 63:6; Proverbs 10:25

Good morning everyone,
Psalm 63:6 tells us that He only is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold; I shall not be shaken.  We have a choice in how we set up our foundation!  Jesus gives us the opportunity to have the best and strongest foundation and yet many times we put all of our efforts into a lost cause!  Why?  Because we think we know better than the actual Creator himself.  That doesn't make much sense!  If you feel as though you are in the midst of a whirlwind of sorts, Proverbs 10:25 reminds us that the righteous have an everlasting foundation.  See, many folks read that verse and they don't think that it really applys to them because they don't see that they are fit for the kingdom!  To be honest, none of us are really worthy of what God has to offer!  Yet, He still gives all (not some) of us the gift of eternal life with Him because of His gift called grace.  When we trust Him with all of our mess and mayheim, He will provide the foundation that will last through anything!  Ladies and gentlemen, quit trying to analyze your problems to determine whether or not you are worthy of what He is freely offering!  Start by saying that Jesus is in control and if so and so happens, it is now His situation and not mine.  A foundation is only as good as the object in which it is placed!  If you want to continue to go down a road and do you own thing without His support, you are going to be miserable.  Let me encourage you to let Him do open heart surgery on you and you too can be changed in a moment.  Freedom seems to be so far away for those locked up in torment when it is really one prayer away.  We feel many of our problems are too small to bother God with and before we know it, our little problems become monster problems.  When you feel as though you are a lost cause, let me encourage you by saying that I too was a lost cause!  That is until I quit trying to make excuses for my current situtation of problems of being lonely. There will always be situations that we can blame our problems on and there is only one solution--truly trusting and obeying the 'Foundation Creator' Himself!  The reward will be the most gratifying and free act that you will ever experience in your life.
Your brother in Christ,

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